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音の帯〜Phonon Belt

Hirasawa Susumu (Unofficial) Lyrics & Other Sundry Translations

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[Admin] I'm back!
Hirasawa - Cookie
I am sort of settling into my new location and will hopefully have time to translate a bit again.

Having recently acquired two Hirasawa DVDs and the SP-2 book, I have been in a delirious state of Hirasawa Delight for the past week.

The aforementioned book is quite fascinating so far. It's a loose collection of SP-2 anecdotes and Mr. Hirasawa's reactions to them and their unique circumstances, plus the random photos of his SP-2 friends. It contains some new material as well as some of Mr. Hirasawa's previous writings from his blog and his fan club magazine. Much of the text has been edited for clarity, meaning there is a bit less of the usual superdense "Hirasawa Style" and a bit more information in the form of footnotes and such. I think I will try to translate at least the rather detailed introduction as well as his recounting of the very first time he saw an SP-2 woman in Thailand. (This will take me some time, though, as it's always harder to work with text in non-electronic form.)

Anyway, just thought I'd share. I will post translations sporadically as the mood strikes. :)

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Nice to have you back! Hope you had a good trip :)

Oh, awesome! I hope your moving went well!

Definitely looking forward to the translations of parts of the SP-2 book! Should be very interesting.

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