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Twitter in Translation: Working Hard Edition
Hirasawa - Cookie
Today I'm bringing you a fairly random selection of tweets in which Mr. Hirasawa complains about work and distracts himself by teasing his Twitter followers, whom (as you know) he affectionately refers to as "horse bones" (meaning "nobodies").

Oct. 5, 2009:
Hey horse bones. Just so you know, it takes more time to do a remake of a song than to make a new one from scratch.

Which means I'm floundering along.

About half the time I've spent working on this will go to waste, probably. Think about that!

Time to change my mood. Someone send me an SMS!

And now that I said that, Andoh Soh sent me an e-mail. Time to start working again.

Part of the reason he's floundering along might be because he's forgetful:

Nov. 8, 2009:
Today is Sunday, but who cares. I want to use some ooooold software, but I've forgotten where I stored it. There are times when something oooold is neeeewer than something neeeeew.

Sometimes he's more productive, though:

Oct. 29, 2009
Last night, while about 10,000 horse bones were indulging in indolence, I fixed the problem I was having with my new sound sources. I'm going to start inserting them now, so it's about time you wake up.

We can't have too much productivity, though, or bad things will happen:

Nov. 6, 2009:
Things that don't make sense keep happening. Whenever I try to work like a proper musician, this sort of thing appears without fail.
Since it makes no sense to me, I'll just gorgeously have my high-quality simple food for lunch now.

I'm sure he always does things "gorgeously."

My favorite thing, though, is when he starts dividing up his tasks into different job descriptions:

Nov. 21, 2009:
午後からは次のキャラ配分が可能と思われる。 用務員:30% ミュージシャン:70%
I expect my personalities for the afternoon can be distributed as follows:  30% janitor, 70% musician.

This "janitor" persona of his comes up quite a lot, actually.

Nov. 27, 2009:
Greetings, you lot. Yesterday most of my time was taken up doing janitorial work. Today I expect to allot more time to musician work. A message from the music-making janitor to you miscellaneous horse bones.

Even when he's self-deprecating, he still makes sure that we "horse bones" remember that we are just a bunch of nobodies. But at least he thinks about us as he works! And sometimes he even thinks about our lives and hopes and dreams and wonders what he can do to make them reality!

For example:

Feb. 11, 2010:

月曜日:グローバル金融の黒幕 火曜日:ホームレス 水曜日:回転寿司のベルト 木曜日:ハリウッド女優 金曜日:回転寿司のベルトを繋げているボルト 土曜日:ただのオッサン 日曜日:回転寿司のベルトのゴムの部分。これが一生続く。

I'm editing Ainu voices. You want me to edit your life, too? Even though you know my music? If you make me edit your life, it will end up as follows:

Monday: the figure secretly manipulating global finance. Tuesday: a homeless person. Wednesday: the conveyor belt at a conveyer belt sushi restaurant. Thursday: a Hollywood actress. Friday: the bolt holding the sushi conveyer belt together. Saturday: just an old man. Sunday: the rubber bit of a sushi conveyor belt. This will go on for the rest of your life.

YAY! And I assume that on Saturdays we get to be Mr. Hirasawa, basically? SOUNDS LIKE A DEAL.

(He also uses an archaic, literary form of "you" here usually reserved for equals or superiors, but then he says he'll turn us into conveyor belt parts. Well then.)

I'm not sure what it says about me that I find this entertaining. ♥

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Yes. I would like Hirasawa to edit my life please. But only on Thursdays.
Although perhaps if everyone had a taste of life from the point of view of a sushi conveyor belt, the world would be a better place? o_O I personally would just be narked that I could not eat the sushi.

Oh man, I always wanted to be a conveyer belt!
(Not really)

But Hirasawa's tweets are so amusing! Hirasawa stretching out words there is pretty funny, and also the janitor/musician bit reminds me of the theta and beta stuff.

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