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音の帯〜Phonon Belt

Hirasawa Susumu (Unofficial) Lyrics & Other Sundry Translations

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Hirasawa - Cookie
Mr. Hirasawa just announced that the first livestream will be held today (Aug. 5) from 9:00 PM Japan time.

As I mentioned earlier, the Ustream channel can be found here.

The stream will show Mr. Hirasawa at work, but will NOT have any audio.

ETA: This first stream is over, but you can watch the official recording of it here. Highlights include Mr. Hirasawa wearing a necklace and briefly showing us one of his cats. ;)

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Ahhhhh that was really mesmerising! I don't know what that music was, but I'm still in a trance. O_O
Had to laugh though when he brought out the cat! It did not look amused.

Btw, has he mentioned if there's a purpose to the audio? Is he doing some kind of experiment?

Just that I'm wondering if anyone else felt a bit strange afterwards, because I inexplicably ended up dropping off to sleep mid-afternoon. And it wasn't even like 'I will sleep now', it was more like 'I think I'll just have a lie on the… zzzzzz'. That was a bit weird because I never normally nap! I personally maintain my view that he is secretly *doing stuff* to our brains… 8-D

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