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音の帯〜Phonon Belt

Hirasawa Susumu (Unofficial) Lyrics & Other Sundry Translations

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P-Model Book and Journal Admin Stuff
Hirasawa - Red
So I finally got around to acquiring the digital re-issue of the Music Industrial Wastes book celebrating 20 years of P-model and 10 years of Hirasawa solo works. (You can buy a legitimate downloadable version here!) It includes, among other things, an "unauthorized glossary" of terms that pop up in P-Model and Hirasawa songs, and a separate glossary of Amiga computer terminology that also happens to appear in these songs. And then there are all the interviews/articles in the book, too. Oh man, so much delicious material! Yet no time to read it.

So don't be surprised if you go back to an old translation and find it's changed a bit. I try to update them as new information (or vocabulary, haha) comes to me. ^^

I am also slowly adding romaji to the translations I posted previously. Slowly.
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The fact that there is a glossary for Hirasawa-isms is hilarious.

Oh man, interviews and articles? :D

The fact that it's "unauthorized" means that half the definitions end with "but that's apparently unrelated to the song." Oh boy.

I've just sort of flipped around the book, but it looks like there's fairly detailed commentary to every single album he's made and at least one lonnnnnnng interview. And maybe a report about one of the fan club trips? Not sure. Too much to take in. XD

Oh man, I wish I could read the interviews.
I do want to buy the book itself too.
And I bet there's plenty of awesome pictures from the whole run of P-MODEL! Even when one cannot read the text they can look at pictures, and something like this would have a good mix of cute, cool, and awesome ones I bet.

"So why did you join P-MODEL?"
"Hirasawa-san offered cookies."
^ Okay I'm hoping that was never the case. XD

Aah, I hadn't even thought of pictures! If there are any good ones I hope phonon_belt posts. (hint hint)

Haha, cookies would be more than enough incentive for me to join.
Though why I would even be asked is something else entirely.

LOL I'm still not used to having this account name so for a moment I was like, "Who's phonon_belt???"

P-Model + cookies....um.

I will now go back to imagining the boys sitting around a recording studio, eating cookies during a break, maybe getting some crumbs somewhere that need to be dusted off, laughing... 8D

The digital version of the book comes with random things, some videos I think and even a drummer game where you can make Hirasawa-esque drumming music. I don't even...

But yeah, there are some good pictures (even though a good chunk is taken up by album art and such). There's a bunch of tiny black-and-white photos from the '70s and '80s which are just adorable. Wish there were more!

Oh, that drummer thing is probably a version of TAINACO, you know, the drummer based off of Tainaka used after Kamiryo left.

Adorable pictures you say, even little ones? I wonder how much this costs.

Oh, that drummer thing is probably a version of TAINACO, you know, the drummer based off of Tainaka used after Kamiryo left.

Adorable pictures you say, even little ones? I wonder how much this package costs anyhow.

I suspect he bribed them with offers of catching hard-to-get pokemon for them. :D

Wow, your icon is so cracky!

He preempted their desire for shiny Charizards before the idea of shiny Pokemon, and indeed, Pokemon itself for many years!
(Although the idea of time travel wouldn't be so odd in a Hirasawa song setting)
(Also that reminds me of quite a few crossovers between Pokemon and P-MODEL that I see on Pixiv, etc. that tend to be very cute!)

I am interested in the detailed commentary of each album, especially One Pattern since I read he wasn't too fond of it.

I read he wasn't too fond of it
Well, that would make two of us. :P

I will have to dig around in the book and see if they say anything about One Pattern.

I like One Pattern. It has my favorite P-MODEL song on it, Zebra, and a few other favorites (Another Day and Oyasumi Dog). This is the interview where I read that: http://www.rocketbaby.net/interviews_hirasawa_1.html

(WTF, for some reason LJ marked this comment as spam. Okay.)

Even though I'm not a huge fan of One Pattern, I remain most fondly attached to the "Another Day" music video, so it does have that going for it. :)

I think it was because of the link.

The video for Another Day is AWES0ME. I do wish P-MODEL made more videos for their songs.

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