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音の帯〜Phonon Belt

Hirasawa Susumu (Unofficial) Lyrics & Other Sundry Translations

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Hirasawa - Cookie
I have just hit the "ship" button on an order of things including Mr. Hirasawa's SP-2 book.


I have no idea what the essay to photo ratio in this thing is, since it appears to be mostly a photo book, but I assume there will be some delightful material to translate anyway.

In other administrative news, updates and comment responses from me might slow down over the coming weeks as I will be moving from one continent to another, ending one significant phase of life to start preparing madly for the next, etc. etc. You know how it is.

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Ooh, moving continents? Sounds exciting! Where are you going?

And the SP-2 book sounds interesting, looking forward to that! :)

Back to the USA from Europe, so not all that exciting. ;)

That's exciting!! hope your book arrives soon ((:

Good luck and take care on your trip we'll miss you j-j

Wow, moving continents sound pretty exciting! Mind if I ask the to and from?

Hope your move goes well! Good luck!

Back to the USA from Europe. *is vague* XD

And thanks!

You seem to travel a lot/live in a lot of different places - you must have an interesting life - and hopefully a lot of frequent flyer miles to use. XD Good luck with your move!

And the book seems like it'll be quite interesting, as well!

LOL, yeah, things have been, uh, nomadic the past 5 years. We'll see. Thank you!

(I really hope this book is not disappointing...)

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